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WT-65/90/65*1850MM Automatic High Speed Three Layer Or Five Layer Stretch Film / Cling Film Production Line

Three layer High speed stretch film machine WT65/90/65-1250MM

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1500mm three/fivelayers fully automatic stretch film unit

main technical parameter

Width of film 
Thickless of Film
Line speed of machineery
Max extrusion capacity
Max rewind diameter
Screw diameter
L/D ratio of screw 
Motor power of main machine
Overall dimensions(LxWxH) 
Total weight  

1. Cooling ro1ler adopt big diameter design and special double-decker runner. greatly improving the cooling effect of high-speed production to Guarantee good uniformity of cooling roll surface temperature.

2. Special alloy screw design and adopts high plasticizing and crystal point processing structure, ensure the film more stable, uniform, high transparency, strong tensile-strength and good viscosity.

3. The whole production line realized Fully automatic operation. Now we added automatic loading paper core and automatic unloading finished film systems, which the original design only automatic cutting roll device. ln this way will ensure the high quality high outputand stable production requirement, greatly saved the manpower cost.

4·Whole machine Parts and electric control parts are used domestic and foreign famous brand, which ensure its smooth Operation,low failure rate.

5·This Production line adopt melt metering pump technology and high precision pressure sensor system, which can stably and effective to Control the Pressure. it will highly improved film Horizontal and Vertical's tension strength and anti_puncture resistance and make the film meeting the high requirement for machine packing film

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