主要技术参数 main technical parameter

型号 model WT-65/90/65

模口宽度 Width of film 1850mm

薄膜厚度 Thickless of Film 0.01-0.05mm

机械设计线速 Line speed of machineery 150m/min

最大挤出量 Max extrusion capacity 180kg/h

最大收卷直径 Max rewind diameter 400mm

螺杆直径 Screw diameter 65/95/65mm

长径比 L/D ratio of screw 30:1

主机电机功率 Motor power of main machine 22/55/22KW

外形尺寸 Overall dimensions(LxWxH) 11.5x5x4.1m

总重量 Total weight 14T

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型号 Model:WT-65/90/65


1850mm three/fivelayers fully automatic stretch film unit


机组特性 Characteristics

1 冷却辊采用大直径特殊流道辊筒, 提高了高速生产中冷却效果, 保证冷却堀表面温度均匀。

2 特殊合金螺杆设计并采用高塑化及晶点处理结构,保证挤出膜更加稳定、均匀、透明度高、拉伸力强、粘性更好。

3 整条生产线实现全自动化生产 。 机组在原来自动断料換卷的基础上. 増加自动穿纸管及自动却成品系统, 保证了高质高量稳定生产, 大大节省了生产人力成本。


5.机组采用熔体计量泵技术, 配精密传感压力系统, 稳定且高效的压力控制. 大大提高了膜的纵向和横向拉力以及膜的杭刺穿力 。 让成品更易达到机用膜的严格要求 。


1. Cooling ro1ler adopt big diameter design and special double-decker runner. greatly improving the cooling effect of high-speed production to Guarantee good uniformity of cooling roll surface temperature.

2. Special alloy screw design and adopts high plasticizing and crystal point processing structure, ensure the film more stable, uniform, high transparency, strong tensile-strength and good viscosity.

3. The whole production line realized Fully automatic operation. Now we added automatic loading paper core and automatic unloading finished film systems, which the original design only automatic cutting roll device. ln this way will ensure the high quality high output

and stable production requirement, greatly saved the manpower cost.

4· Whole machine Parts and electric control parts are used domestic and foreign famous brand, which ensure its smooth Operation,low failure rate.

5· This Production line adopt melt metering pump technology and high precision pressure sensor system, which can stably and

effective to Control the Pressure. it will highly improved film Horizontal and Vertical's tension strength and anti_puncture resistance

and make the film meeting the high requirement for machine packing film

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